High Voltage Web design, llc

 Hello.  Hope your having a good day and thanks for taking the time to find out about High Voltage Web Design and what we can do for you.

I’m Greg, the owner.  Our mission is to help businesses grow and stay competitive.  With the pandemic still continuing, it is more important than ever that businesses come up with different and creative ways to keep open.

When building a website there are numerous things to consider, for instance which web host is the fastest and has the best customer service and technical support.  Also if you have been looking at doing a website you may have come across that Google Analytics is beneficial as well.  Another acronym you may have come across is SEO (search engine optimization), which is basically how to get your website to display better on Google.  But did you know that Google has about 200 different categories it looks at when it comes to SEO? 

So why not free up a lot of your time and eliminate some of your stress and let High Voltage Web Design help.  Give us call or text us at (330) 440-4150 or email us at highvoltagewebdesign@gmail.com    We will be happy to talk with you about designing a website for you or your business or if you have questions about designing your own website we’ll help you out there too.

We look forward to speaking with you.  Stay safe and healthy.

"Taking Your Business To The Web"